Have you ever wondered what Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart would look like with a Fender Stratocaster hanging from his neck? Johann Sebastian Bach surrounded by banks of keyboards? Beethoven on bass guitar and Vivaldi banging on the drums?

An amazing theatrical experience awaits the most hardcore rocker and classical enthusiast as familiar melodies, operatic arias and beautiful ballet are given the Barok treatment.

Barok is a spectacular musical extravaganza featuring dynamic Rock interpretations of familiar classical hits. Steve Grant (ex-The Sweet, George Harrison, The Animals, Suzi Quatro) and a shockingly talented cast of musicians, singers and dancers bring the classics of the past to the present.

From the flying finger virtuosity of The Flight of the Bumble Bee to the delicate beauty of Swan Lake, interspersed with a few historical facts, Steve takes you on a fun filled journey Rocking through the Classics.

A whole new meaning to classic rock!  Barok On!

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